Real Estate Asset Consulting and Management

Real Estate Asset Consulting and Management

Real Estate Asset Consulting and Management

Our Real Estate Asset Management services include:

- Careful selection of tenants: We conduct multiple property visits and meticulously review documentation provided by tenants to minimize risks of non-payment and property damage, ensuring a suitable choice.

- Drafting of lease agreements in compliance with current regulations, keeping abreast of the latest legal requirements.

- Establishment of security deposits in accordance with relevant legislation, providing protection for the landlord's interests.

- Obtaining the habitability certificate to ensure compliance with legal requirements for renting, ensuring regulatory compliance and housing safety for tenants.

- Rent collection and annual updates as per contract terms, ensuring smooth and optimal financial management for landlords.

- Payment of tenant expenses and taxes, offering comprehensive services to alleviate administrative burdens for property owners.

- Management of commercial property transfers, facilitating seamless transitions for all parties involved in transferring tenancy, ensuring business continuity and lease agreement compliance.

- Clear and detailed financial reporting, providing transparency in the financial management of real estate assets.

- Management of delinquent tenants and provision of legal and financial advice to address any legal or financial challenges that may arise, ensuring comprehensive protection and safeguarding of landlord interests.


Additionally, our property management services include:



- Issuance and collection of tenant receipts.

- Management of arrears and settlements for landlords.

- Preventive maintenance and management of repairs, works, and incidents.

- Contract expiration control, property inspection, and bond settlement at contract termination or surrender.

- Homeowners association management: event tracking, fee and special assessment payment, presentation of community financial statements, and annual budgeting.


Commercial Management:

- Property advertising and tenant recruitment.

- Lease agreement drafting and management.

- Management of guarantees, bonds, and sureties, as well as tenant retention advice.


Accounting and Tax Management:

- Preparation and submission of tax settlements.

- Government account presentations.


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