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Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees located strategically between France and Spain, has a remarkable history, social and natural environment and dynamic economy. Its model of competitive tourism and trade has made it an economically thriving country.

Set in the heart of Europe, Andorra covers an area of 468 km2 and boasts surprising mountain landscapes and a very remarkable and characteristic Romanesque architecture, which give the country its own unique essence.

It has 78,264 inhabitants and a population formed by over one hundred different nationalities. Andorra’s official currency is the euro and its official language is Catalan, although this is complemented with Spanish and French, the languages of the neighbouring countries.

Residents and investors find unique advantages in the country such as a high quality of life, security and the world’s best health system, as it is the world’s fourth healthiest country. It also has an excellent free public education system.

Andorra has an economic model geared to attracting foreign investment. A series of economic reforms have been adopted with a view to encouraging foreign investment and companies that wish to establish themselves in the Principality. It is also one of the regions with the lowest taxes in Europe and the world. It is a country with a competitive business environment and an association agreement in negotiation with the EU, tax treaties with several countries and a commitment to innovation.

The Principality also offers quality of life in leisure and recreation. Andorra possesses the best and most modern ski resorts for snow lovers. It is also known as the country for shopping as it has over 1,500 stores and boutiques concentrated in the centre of the country that ensure everyone can find what they are looking for. Andorra also has a plentiful range of spas throughout the country to offer visitors total relaxation. It also boasts cultural outings upon which to discover the Principality’s history through different Romanesque churches and museums like the Tobacco Museum, which is located in Sant Julià de Lòria (next to our offices). Lastly, mention should also be made to Andorra’s extensive range of cuisine and the fine professionals who serve a broad culinary variety of the food typical of the country.